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Restgate is a seasoned software development firm, we have built up competencies to empower a wide range of solutions to introduce automation into your business processes. Our expert team of certified engineers and developers employs a unique combination of trending technologies and components to create flexible, secure, and competitive digital products.


What We Do.

Restgate helps business move forward, faster by combining deep industry expertise and frictionless technology delivery

Software Development

We provide a full suite of system integration services to help you achieve system connectivity and application interoperability between custom and commercial systems. Our software programming company promotes integration excellence through data integrity, service-oriented infrastructure, and API connections.

RFID Solutions

We are experts in helping businesses improve efficiency through RFID solutions. Our team has decades of experience working with large and small companies in retail, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics with barcoding, mobile and RFID applications

Web Development

Power your business transformation with superior web apps adjusted to your business objectives. Our custom application development firm delivers stable and responsive web applications from scratch that smoothly integrate with existing environments. We create a broad spectrum of web solutions.

Mobile App Development

Restgate Software adds native-like capabilities to your digital web products that help you reach a wider audience with fewer costs and accelerated delivery. With a dedicated development team and a proven success record, we deliver feature-packed hybrid applications that work efficiently across multiple devices.


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AccuTrack™ PointsOn™ BrandShield™

RFID Tracking

Accutrack WIP

RFID Tracking - Accutrack WIP

RFID Tracking

Accutrack WMS

VRFID Tracking - Accutrack WMS

RFID Tracking

Accutrack VIP

RFID for Events - Accutrack VIP

Virtual Reality in Business

Restgate VR

The Future of Work and Virtual Reality

Brand Activation

Restgate VR

The Future of Work and Virtual Reality


Touch Screen Kiosk

Touch screen kiosk /p>

What They Say About Us

For the past 4 years we have used AccuTrack in our stores. Besides providing extremely accurate information on our inventory, we also use the system to track and trace transfers and returns. Both the track and trace feature as well as the electronic article surveillance system has remarkably reduced our shrinkage.

Author image Claudio Feniger PepsiCo Inc

Since its adoption in 2019 Restgate has improved our inventory accuracy to 99.4%. This and the possibility of performing cyclic inventories, and receiving controls as well as merchandise tracking, has significantly enhanced our store replenishment logistics and diminished shrinkage. It has also improved our visual merchandising ability.

Author image Mohammed Al Qahtani Saudi Aramco

With Restgate Accutrack, inventory that used to take hours to complete, only takes minutes. It’s a system that not only saves us time, but also saves us money.

Author image Julianna O’Brein Tacori

RFID is doing great things for my business. I was spending way too much time chasing inventory, double checking every invoice to make sure the P.O. matched the pick. With TracTech RFID I am confident that the order is going out fast and it’s going out right; and now I have a lot more time to spend selling and servicing my clients.

Author image Ari Simonyan V&A Jewelry

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